Workshop: The role of women in family and society

The role of women in family and society – what are the similarities and differences between Germany and our countries of origin?

Making women strong – this is how the neutral observer realized the meaning of the workshop at the Academia Española de Formación spanische Weiterbildungsakademie (AEF e.V.).

As part of the “New Home Black Forest” project, project collaborator Ghania Benaissa succeeded in winning the speaker Anita Schreiner, who grew up in Switzerland. At the educational institution coordinated by Alfredo Sánchez with focus on integration and language courses of all kinds attended ten women, all students from Mia Seeger’s and Veronika Paskiel’s course, the discussion.

The role of women in the family and society was examined in many ways. It was interesting to hear how in the individual countries of origin women do not know how to assert themselves as in the western-modern European Occident. Emotionally, hurriedly and vividly, the workshop was proceeded and in the end everyone agreed that more time for discussion would have been necessary. Women’s suffrage, emancipation and social upheaval led, in the enlightened secular Europe, to the fact that women knew and were able to assert themselves more and more.

While in Germany there were above all successful breakthroughs in the hitherto rigid social system, the countries of the Middle East, which were predominantly of muslim tradition, did not know Enlightenment and reformist moments to the same extent as experienced in Germany and France, today’s “engines” of the EU .

Topics discussed during the two-hour event were taboo breaks in society, the enlightened handling of sexuality, the flirtation and acquaintance behavior in Europe as well as sad dark moments of murders and rape of women, for example in Freiburg by certain groups of people. It was also asked what value women have today and whether women who had to flee experience another, better appreciation in Germany in their womanhood.

For some participating women aspects concerning fashion or swimwear must have been new to them. In addition to this the women’s movement was brought closer to them. Even just for that reason, a visit to the event had been worthwhile. Ghania Benaissa and Veronika Paskiel distributed attendance certificationsat the end of the workshop.

Dennis Özkan / Hornberg

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