New home Black Forest

The project “New Home Black Forest” wants to develop perspectives for locals and new immigrants so that the Black Forest becomes a new home for all.

  • Training for both, volunteers and newcomers
  • Get to know positive integration examples in the region
  • Reference to integration programs and measures in the region
  • To raise awareness of the potential of new immigrants to develop the region

Information for immigrants (German, English, Spanish, Arabic and Kurdish) can be found at the following link.

Multilingual information for immigrants

Would you like to volunteer? Are you already volunteering and would like to participate in our seminars / events? Volunteer information is available at under the following Link.


For volunteers:For immigrants:

                                • Intercultural competences
                                • Information for volunteers
                                • Methods and techniques organizing intercultural events
                                • Migration and integration in the region of the black forest
                                • Information about migrant organizations in the black forest
                                • Advantages and techniques of biography work
                                • Methods of mediation • Self-organization and integration
                                • Institutions in Germany

                • First orientation


                • Culture and everydaylife in Germany


                • Knowledge of the region


                • Administration and institutions


                • Social participation and engagement


                • Social life in my city


                • Migration and health


                • Migration and identity


                • Society on Germany


                • Equality between men and women


                • Social and societal participation


                • Living in migration


                • Civil society and democracy in Germany


                •  Empower volunteers as pilots


                •  Incentive reflection on intercultural work


                •  Teaching contents and methods


                •  Development and support


                •  Building a network

                •  Recognizing responsibilities and enable participation


                •  Teaching important aspects on culture and everydaylife in Germany


                •  Discover future prospects in the black forest as new home



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