Language and culture as success factors: I M P U L S O!

Language and culture as success factors: I M P U L S O!

IMPULSO is an educational program of the AEF and its transnational partners for bicultural and bilingual professionals. The program serves to strengthen self-esteem as well as to improve and develop the employment potential of young people with a migrant background who are educated in Germany by promoting their intercultural competences.

In the model phase funded by the EU Commission under the LEONARDO DA VINCI program. The basic idea of ​​IMPULSO® follows the simple realization that in Germany there is a great potential of bi-cultural and bilingual young professionals of the so-called second and third generations of migrants from Spain and Portugal. These represent a special kind of human resource, since they were raised and trained in Germany and at the same time retained the cultural identity as well as the linguistic competence of the country of origin, but have until now insufficiently incorporated their special abilities into their daily work.

The target group of the project IMPULSO® are therefore bicultural and bilingual
Young people with a Spanish-speaking migration background from Europe,
in this seminar their linguistic and intercultural competences
continue to develop and deepen and receive help for a professional orientation.

In addition to promoting motivation to improve school performance and optimizing the starting conditions for training and professional development, the following themes are taught:

-Spanish as world and business language
– Education and training in the European educational framework
– Spain’s educational and economic system
– Studying and working in Spain
– Cultural dimension of life and work in Spain
– Personnel strategies and requirements of Spanish


– Intercultural competence in the Spanish-speaking world and
in the globalized economy

Sponsors of IMPULSO® are the Academia Espanola de Formación eV (AEF), the Asociación Comisión Católica Española de Migración (ACCEM), the Confederación Europea – Umbrella Association of Spanish Parents and Cultural Associations in Europe and the Spanish Entrepreneurs Association ASEARCO and the Dirección General de Ordenación de Migraciones (DGOM).