CAMINOS -Ways out of the poverty risk

“Ways out of the risk of poverty through social volunteer work”

Migrants who attend the integration courses of the AEF in Bonn and Troisdorf are often denied access to the labor market or further qualifications and are thus at risk of poverty and their families.

The AEF shows those affected paths to the authorities and specialist agencies for the recognition of their professional qualifications as well as for adaptation measures and further qualifications.

The aim is for migrants to find ways to secure employment as soon as possible and to avoid the poverty trap. The AEF also uses its contacts with companies in the region to provide internships and to promote professional recognition.

We want to achieve that assistance is provided by volunteer sponsors, empowering people to escape the spiral of poverty on their own, empowerment / lead into an independent, independent life.

Specifically, we will work intensively with our integration assessors to fulfill the goal that they can also show the way for others as multipliers.

Possible fields of application of our volunteers would be, among others, the support on the way to the Erwebsleben, mediation of counseling – and auxiliary offers, language support.

We offer support, care and training of volunteers.

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