Bocholter Forum

Bocholter Forum

At a time with increasing migration movements for many different reasons, Germany has clearly become an immigration country. Within its federal structure, North Rhine-Westphalia may be one of the most prominent examples of effective and sustainable integration policies, built on solid legal and institutional foundations.

In view of the new challenge facing the German society in the coming years, the aim of the Bocholt Forum for Migration Issues is to keep these foundations and framework conditions up to date and to develop them.Funded by the NRW State Agency for Civic Education and supported by the AEF – Spanische Weiterbildungsakademie e.V., this event has since 1991 served as a discussion forum for new topics, ideas and problems as well as for the development of future strategies for the successful integration of migrants in German society.

As a constructive meeting and exchange forum, stakeholders and experts from all over Germany and Europe will discuss new demographic and economic challenges in the next few years and try to point out ways for the future migration policy.

As a co-organizer, the AEF – Spanische Weiterbildungsakademie e.V. is pleased to make its many years of experience and expertise in the integration of migrants throughout Germany available for migration to this think tank.

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